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Purpose of Power 2 The Poetry

 To express our inner truths and feelings as a way to heal
To express academic subjects in a way that is easily absorbed
To express difficult truths and ignite others to do the same
To expose brilliance and ignite others to be brilliant
To expose people to insight, bravery, and vulnerability
To expose taboo issues and buried history for the education of all
To expose the past, presenting a future that transcends the issues of today
To ignite the passion from within and be the change we wish to see
To ignite an inner fire in our sleeping leaders who will shape the future
To ignite those in the shadows and be a beacon of hope
To ignite the voice of the unheard


About the Movement

 Power 2 The Poetry is a performing arts LLC specializing in spoken word poetry. We promote freedom of expression, and provide a platform for underrepresented demographics in our community including but not limited to: people of color, LGBTQ+, women, youth, people with different abilities, people with mental health issues, etc. Raising awareness to social, cultural, political, and personal issues. Addressing topics which cultivate crucial and courageous conversations. Empowering our audience to engage in dialogue and action for meaningful change. We are “Warriors of Light” on a mission to express, expose, and ignite!

Power 2 The Poetry is a movement providing a platform for all voices. Fostering a climate of culture, diversity, and inclusion. Marginalized groups constantly deal with inequalities such as oppression, discrimination, racism, and prejudice. This is unacceptable! We take responsibility for the disparities in our community by creating opportunities for positive and necessary change while inspiring others to do the same. We are edutainers (educators and entertainers), leaving people inspired, empowered, and educated. Walking away with newly discovered insight, knowledge, and consciousness. Opening hearts to truths that are regularly ignored. We are a megaphone for those in the community whose voices are silenced and pushed aside. Power 2 The Poetry advocates for what is fair, true, real, and right. We refuse to be silent. Remember your voice is a powerful tool. So, use it!

TED X Spokane

TED X Spokane

We EXPRESS our truths and feelings. We EXPOSE those truths and feelings. Addressing social, cultural, political, and personal issues. Then we IGNITE or inspire our audience to make a difference, envision a bigger picture, live their truths out loud, follow their dreams. And overall, become a better version of themselves.


Power 2 The Poetry in News

March 2018

Power 2 The Poetry encourages underrepresented communities to find, use their voice

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Power 2 The Poetry offers a wide range of services, from workshops to keynotes. Click here for a complete list of services and how to book Power 2 the Poetry for your next event.


Power 2 The Poetry

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