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Power 2 The Poetry in the News

Power 2 the poetry has been featured in the spokesman review, Inlander, the black lens, and other publications. Check out our archive below

Spokesman review

Power 2 the Poetry encourages underrepresented communities to find, use their voice


Spokesman Review

Our Town Poetry: ‘Life in Spokane’ by Bethany Montgomery

The Easterner

EWU alum tackles community issues with power of poetry

The Black Lens March 2018

Poems from Power 2 The Poetry

The Inlander

A new grassroots spoken-word poetry movement aims to give voice to the voiceless in Spokane 


Spokesman Review

International Women’s Day event draws sizable crowd, calls for inclusivity

The Easterner

Power 2 The Poetry: Local movement continues to engage and expand

The Black Lens February 2018

Poems from Power 2 The Poetry

The Black lens

Spokane Shouts for Science What is a march without a rallying cry?


The Gonzaga Bulletin

Power 2 the Poetry: Bringing spoken-word to Spokane

The Black Lens

Poems from Power 2 The Poetry


Poetry movement gives a voice to minorities in the Spokane Community